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FALCONRY-based bird control

Falconry is the most powerful and sustainable tool on the market for addressing nuisance bird problems. Pest birds like pigeons, crows and seagulls have an instinctual fear of raptors, and will flee the area in one's presence. Our team of highly-trained falconers will chase and deter pest birds off your property, delivering immediate relief and lasting results. If your property is suffering from a bird problem, there is simply no better solution than a free-flying falcon or hawk.

We deliver abatement services for a variety of markets, including commercial and urban settings, agriculture, residential, resorts, landfills, and more. No matter your bird problem, we can resolve it.

Resolve your nuisance bird problem today!


In recent decades crow numbers have skyrocketed, and they have become particularly problematic in urban areas and shopping districts. They descend by the hundreds to sleep in street trees and along rooflines, and leave behind them a formidable mess. Urban crow problems are our specialty, and we have developed a highly effective falconry program, which we are currently delivering to clients in LA, Oakland, SF, Sacramento, Fresno, Hanford, Madera, and more. We are able to clear crows from areas as large as 25-30 city blocks.



Whether its a landfill or transfer station, a coastal restaurant, a hotel or a shopping plaza, gulls can generate a huge mess and be outright aggressive toward people. Because gulls are large and brave, they will not respond to hazing techniques like flashers or noisemakers. But they will not tolerate the presence of a hawk or falcon. Falconry works incredibly well at shielding your property from trespassing gulls.



Pigeons are tenacious, and multiply rapidly. Once they establish themselves at your property, they are there to stay. No amount of spikes, owl decoys, or exclusion netting will work because pigeons will acclimate to these deterrents quickly. Luckily, there is nothing more compelling to a pigeon than a free-flying hawk or falcon. Using a combination of falconry, humane trapping, and targeted removal, we can reduce your pigeon population and prevent new birds from coming in.



Flocks of geese can wreak havoc on your country club, golf course, cemetery or public park. They destroy grass, leave droppings everywhere, and can pollute ponds and lakes. Large birds like geese require a substantial amount of pressure, which we can apply with a combination of intimidating falcons and highly trained dogs. This will force geese to relocate elsewhere.



A single seagull can knock a large cinematography drone out of the air, destroying thousands of dollars in equipment. If you are filming aerials over the coast or open water, having a falconer on set can save your equipment from disaster and help ensure that your shoot stays on schedule. Our highly trained falcons will clear the airspace, and allow your drone to fly freely and safely.



A flock of noisy parrots can easily shut down an entire day of filming by making it impossible to record clean audio, especially when shooting outside. This is a particular problem in Pasadena, Altadena, Santa Monica and Malibu. Luckily, a falconer can clear the area of parrots, and keep your shoot running smoothly.

wild parrots la los angeles noisy film set.jpeg




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